Name: Neytiri
Relation: Mate
Portrayed By: Zoe Saldana
About: Neytiri is the first Na'vi that Jake meets on Pandora. They meet after she saves him from a pack of Viperwolves. At first Neytiri dislikes and is irritated by Jake, as she is forced by her parents, the Clan leaders, to teach Jake about the Na'vi way of life. Over time they grow to respect one another and form a friendship, eventually falling in love. They mate for life the night Jake officially becomes one of the Omaticaya Clan. When Neytiri finds out about Jake's betrayal she is devastated and rejects him; however, she eventually forgives and fights beside him as they resist the RDA. After they defeat the Sky People, Jake and Neytiri take their places as the next leaders of the Omaticaya clan.

Name: Dr. Grace Augustine
Relation: Friend
Portrayed By: Sigourney Weaver
About: When Jake was added to Grace's team she was annoyed at first, saying that she needed his brother, not him. But as they eventually become friends as they live and work together. Jake convinces the Omaticayans to let Grace back into Hometree to see her former students, to whom she is very close, and Grace helps teach Jake about the Na'vi way. Grace also serves as a sort of mother figure for Jake, always making sure he eats properly while in his human body and even putting him in his bunk when he falls asleep while working. After Quaritch shoots Grace while they are escaping from Hell's Gate, Jake carries her to the Tree of Souls to try and save her life. Unfortunately, they were unsuccesful and Grace passes on.

Name: Colonel Miles Quaritch
Relation: Enemy
Portrayed By: Stephen Lang
About: When Jake firsts arrives on Pandora he looks up to Quaritch as a sort of father figure. Quaritch reaches out to Jake personally, asking for his help in learning about the Na'vi and their weaknesses, since he believes that war between the two species is inevitible. Jake is eager to help, feeling obligated as a marine and since the Colonel promised that, in return for his help, he would help Jake get surgery to fix his legs. As Jake grows closer to the Omaticaya people, he and Quaritch grow farther apart. They end up becoming enemies in the final battle between the Na'vi and the RDA. Eventually Quaritch faces off with Jake and Neytiri in a battle to the death, which he loses when Neytiri shoots him with her bow.